***2018 Crafters have already been selected. Please check back next year for information on how to jury for our show.***

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This is a Juried Craft Show

There are a handful of juried bazaars/shows in Anchorage. Over the years our craft bazaar has gained a reputation for selling quality, hand crafted items. We offer shoppers unique gift items and aim for a wide variety of crafts. Therefore, all interested crafters are required to attend one of two jury nights and bring a representative sampling of their items. This enables us to ensure the quality and authenticity of each crafter’s goods. Crafts will be inspected by our 'judges' which allows time for any questions the judges may have and vice versa. Our judges work in teams of two, meeting with individual crafters. Crafters will be notified by e-mail (or mail) within approximately 7-10 days of jury nights regarding whether they have been selected to participate in the bazaar. Please keep in mind that in addition to the quality and uniqueness of the item, judges consider the hand crafted, value-added aspects, the price of the item(s) in relation to value and how the item(s) fit into the entire bazaar. We believe this helps us maintain our high quality craft bazaar, which is the largest and longest running in the south end of town!


Jury Night information will be posted as soon as the nights are reserved - they are typically held over 2 or 3 week nights in September. Jury Nights are held at Rabbit Creek Elementary, while the bazaar is held at South Anchorage High School. Note: all crafters will need to provide an email address, as this helps keep our costs down. 


**Please be patient, as we hold our events in public schools, which requires coordination with various other school activities and events. As soon as information is available, it will be posted**

Booth Space Information

Booth size and cost for 2017 will be 8' wide X 6' deep for $125.00 (there is an additional fee of $15.00 if you require electricity). We also ask that on the day of Bazaar each crafter donate one item of their choice to RCCA for volunteer appriciation.

Please note: due to limited electrical outlet availability and a high demand for booth spaces with electricity, we will not be able to accommodate double booth spaces. Crafters must provide their own table(s) and chair(s), which must not damage the gym floor.  We cannot provide tables or chairs for rent or loan. Backdrops or displays must be no higher than 6' and cannot damage the floor.


FYI: Booth size and cost (2004-2010): 8' wide X 6' deep for $85.00 ($10.00 rate increase in 2011 and $20.00 rate increase in 2013) due to increased costs of running bazaar. At the 2008 Bazaar, we surveyed crafters about changing the booth space size to 10' wide X 8' deep, with an increased cost of $110 (to cover the decrease in available booth spaces), from the 2004-2008 pricing: 8' wide X 6' deep for $85.00. While some crafters liked this, the majority did not; booth space size will remain the same. At the 2006 Bazaar, we surveyed crafters about changing the Bazaar hours from 10:00 am - 4:00 pm, to 10:00 am - 5:00 pm; a majority liked this idea, so we implemented it in 2007. Unfortunately, the 2007 feedback had a significant amount of complaints from crafters about having to stay the extra hour; bazaar hours reverted back to 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. 

Being Prepared for Jury Nights

Jury Nights will be held at Rabbit Creek Elementary School in the Multi-Purpose Room & Gym, 13650 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage. We highly recommend clicking on this link which will take you to a google map, showing where the school is located - it is not where most people think it is (Lake Otis Parkway stops and starts up again in a different place). 

Please plan on the jury process to take up most of the evening (numbers are handed out beginning at 6:15pm and you will be juried on a first come, first juried order). All crafters will be juried prior to registration acceptance. Crafters should plan to bring a small representative sampling of their craft.  If you sell food, please bring a sampling for jurors to taste. If items are similar, it's not necessary to bring them all, but we do want to see a selection of the items you plan to sell. Simply line up and we will hand out numbers; jurying begins at 6:30 pm. You will be called by number and juried by our judges, along with filling out a little bit of paperwork. If you have an item that is of an unusual size, weight or exceptionally fragile, please bring a photo to leave with the judges. You do not need to schedule a date/time; attend on the evening that works best for you. We do NOT choose crafters on a first come, first served basis.  Crafters do not need to attend both nights.

Please do not arrive prior to 6:15 pm, as our child care program will be under way and crafters will not be allowed to enter the school until 6:15 pm.

Jury Night Parking: make the first left into the school (where it says "staff"), bypass the small parking lot at the front and go around (past the dumpsters) to the back side of the school where there is a much larger lot and a long hallway to line up in.

We will invite crafters to the bazaar after the committee has met following both jury nights. We make our decisions based on the quality, uniqueness and price points of your craft, along with the variety and how it will fit in with other crafts already accepted in to the bazaar. It usually takes us about 7 - 10 days to notify crafters after the jury process. We very much appreciate your patience during this time. Keep in mind that this bazaar is entirely volunteer-driven, which means we all work at other jobs and do this for the benefit of the community and the love of hand crafted items, so your patience will be appreciated.

Reminder: jury nights are being held at Rabbit Creek Elementary School, while the bazaar will be held at South Anchorage High School. The Bazaar will be in the following areas: Commons - South View (lower commons), Commons – North View (upper commons) & Gym.


If you would like to be updated with the dates of the 2019 Jury Nights, please email us at rabbitcreekctb@gmail.com.  


*If you have participated in Christmas Towne Bazaar in the past  you do NOT need to email us again. Your are on our list to email as soon as we have information.